high school hellcat

15 November
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i love horror !!!
day of the dead,dawn of the dead,puppet master series,night of the living dead (old and new),
killer klowns from outer space,evil dead 1-2,texas chainsaw massacre 1-3,dead alive,night of the demons,nightmare of elm street series,zombie,frankenstein,bride of frankenstein,return of the living dead series,friday the 13th series,the dead hate the living,creepshow 1-2,the shinning(OG),hellraiser 1-5,halloween series,house of 1000 corpses,NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE ,pumpkinhead 1-2,creature from the black lagoon,ginger snaps 1-2,LEPRECHAUN 1-2,wishmaster 1-3,bride of chucky,reamimator series,frankenhooker,childs play series,scarecrow,resident evil,the lost boys,cabin fever,s.i.c.k,dog soliders,13 ghost(old and new)cradle of fear,candyman,dracula,tales from the crypt,videodrome,the hills have eyes,house on haunted hill(og and new),Bubba Ho-Tep,the ring,28 days later, May,Scream,From Dusk Till Dawn,Phantasm,Freddy Vs. Jason,Pet cemetery,jason goes to hell,trick or treat,the wolfman,critters,Gacy,suspiria,two evil eyes,the fog,cabnet of dr calgari,children of the night,